just to be in check with ya...

Hello there!

So, let's talk about blogging a bit.

I'm not blogging as much lately. Have you noticed? This bothers me! But I'm also chin deep in projects that I just can't talk about and I wish I could (wink, wink;) This is a tricky business! Wanting so much to be in the conversation, but not really able to share what I'm presently doing. Hmmmmmmm. I'm in the middle of figuring all this out. Any suggestions?

I've been learning a lot about myself this year. I'm learning that using my gifts is essential to my happiness, and I have such a supportive husband and family! It also means that I protect my family time with valiance. And since I've been involved in more projects that really take a ton of artistic focus, I've found that breaking away and chatting has been happening less and less! Maybe nobody here minds, but I've missed it!

So, I may or may not be blogging every other day like I used to. Who knows. I just had to come out here and say that it might just be less than normal so that I can be true to what I value most. Maybe not. Maybe it will pick up again. But I've been so happy posting many times in a week, and with my renewed focus to produce more art, I'm getting here less and less.

I value the conversations we have here so much!  That's not going anywhere....I just have to be honest and say that I might just be hopping in once a week now. Do you mind?

I'd be lying if I said that raising a family, running a business and getting lost in illustration by night isn't a hard juggling act. It's a VERY satisfying one, and I have the most amazing husband on the planet (who's just as creative and crazy, so he gets it!) But I will be honest in saying that there are plenty of things to keep in check, and I may be putitng all my efforts into one post a week, versus 3. But again. No rules...just filling you in.

I'm on facebook book with little updates all the time if you do feel like checking in more! I just love you guys! This whole community ROCKS!

I'm off to pack and head to the airport for a little R&R with my parents and siblings this weekend. Haven't been home in almost 2 years. My how time flies.Yay for mini-weekend trips!

Love and kisses, and as always...thank you!!!!

PS: My inspiration boards are growing rapidly. All art by me, except the quote and the dress. Ahoy!