7 years of motherhood.

Addie's birthday was this last week.  I'll never be able to celebrate her birthday without thinking of my own entrance into the wonderful world of Life with Children. Are you the same way?

This years cake? A Flower Bouquet Candelabra, which is what Addie wanted.

I think. I can't exactly remember how the idea came about.

It's pretty to look at, fun to put together.... and never leaves leftovers (which I prefer:)

And because I know you'll ask:


The cup is filled with chocolate truffle, or fudge would work too (it needs to be a heavy substance to hold the weight of the skewers) which is made ahead of time, poured into the cup and chilled.


are nothing more than donut holes, dipped in the same chocolate, dipped in sprinkles and poked with skewers. Eclairs would be lighter weight and pretty too!


This week I'm celebrating 7 years of being a mom in my robe, slippers, and washing bedding and towels. We've been hit with the flu, and some how it all feels very similar to my entrance into motherhood seven years ago! Now there just more children who are even more fun to snuggle and be flat out exhausted with!

Have a great week to you all!