Bandit Chicken

* To keep my promise for 2011 I'm including artwork/doodles of mine in every post!

We have bandit chickens at our house. 19 of them.

I'm drowning in deadlines at the moment ( the catchup after the holiday was a bit stark! Yes?) and the only thing that is keeping me from insanity (I get a little mad-scientist-ish when I'm working tight deadlines) is hearing that BAHK-BAHK-B-B-B-BAHK-ing from the chickens. They are the funniest creatures on the planet.

This afternoon, Ella and I had an afternoon nap on the front yard (the place the chickens aren't supposed to get to when we let them roam...ahem) and I hear that familiar crinkling sound of the dried leaves (oh ya...did I mention that we live in Utah and it still hasn't snowed? I don't get it.)


Chickens: "Rustle, Rustle, click, clack. B-BAHK!"  Right in my face.

Translation: "Hi. I just jumped the fence and escaped and broke all the chicken laws. And now I'm going to tell you about it."

Yes, escape. We have bandit chickens.

Have you ever seen a chicken jump? Aside from an awkward teenager doing the Mackarana, I can't really give you a better idea of how histerically funny looking they are. We let the chickens have free reign in the yard, and while our fences are enclosed, there is one particular chicken, Snowflake (the only chicken that looks different than the rest) makes it a point to go as far as she can every time.  It's become a game now. And besides the fact that she dug up our tulip bulbs in the front yard, it's really pretty funny.

But we have pretty awesome chicken catchers. Yep. We start 'em young.

It's as close to sports as we get in our house.

If you need a good laugh this weekend, I recommend chasing a chicken. Or at least imagining yourself chase a chicken.

See? Gotcha.

Have an awesome friday.