I've always wished I looked good in Wayfarer glasses.

* To keep my promise for 2011 I’m including artwork/doodles of mine in every post

I'm getting ready for ALT Design Summit next week, and I am really looking forward to it! It's always so wonderful to meet and visit with creative movers and shakers...I always come away so inspired!

This year I'm speaking on a panel on Work : Life : Balance. Ha! As if I have it all figured out! I laughed out loud when they asked me to be on that panel.It's the quest of my life.

But maybe that's why I'm on the panel. It's ALWAYS a work in progress. That's the point. There is encouragement to be had in the mean time.

I'm wondering if any of you have any questions for me that I could bring up on the panel, address and write up here on the blog.

We're all in this together. We're all busy people trying to live beautiful lives. And though we are all at different stages, I think there are some great discussions to be had.

Like yesterday how I couldn't participate in the long awaited planned for weeks conference call with my fellow panelists because I had a feverish flu bound 5 year old on my lap. Some things can just wait. Not the 5 year old, of course!


Anyways, If any of you have thoughts on work : life : creative: family balance that you want to open up here, I'd love to hear your thoughts, insights, questions, and advice!

And yes. It's true. I have always wished I could pull off the wayfarer glasses look. It's not flattering on everyone. Darn it all.