Mousse and makings.

There is a lot going on in this corner of the world, and I may or may not get around to the blog much more this week.

First of all, our chickens laid their eggs!! And oh boy....let's talk about fresh. Tonight we made an amazing Mouse au Chocolate from a french book I'm illustrating (more on that later) and with fresh eggs and chocolate I about died. I'm digging this set up.

But really, I'm dashing off to an amazing conference in lovely St. Paul at The Creative Connection. Will you be there? Will you come say hi? I'll be signing early copies of my book (Ah!!!! this is going to be real!!) and I'm speaking on Friday, and would love to visit! There is also a book deadline, an interview and videography in my studio (dusting...dusting...) and some art that I'm finishing up for the shop! Whew. I need to sit down and have some more of that mousse.

Chocolate really is a wonderful invention.

Back to the studio!