The other night, I looked out my window, and all the light around the house was orange. Sunsets. They make me so happy. But this was post-sunset. Dusk. My favorite.

When we were house hunting, we had our usual specifications we were looking for. Room count, square footage, schools, etc. But on the top of my list was light. Windows and sky. And trees. It's like food for my soul. Finding a house where you could see the sky in any room of the house was as important as getting a house with a dishwasher. It took us a long time to find a house!

But we did. And today I was reminded just how much I love what happens in the "up" space of the world.

When my husband and I were dating, he mentioned to me that he had done an experiment where he spent a day walking around and always looked UP. Never looked down at his feet while he was walking, but always looked up. We must have been in college at the time, and so we were walking around a lot. But try it. When you are walking down your hallway even. Look up. It does something to your mood. And it doesn't even have to be at a gorgeous sky. Although that helps. Looking upwards has always helped me from getting too serious about stuff. It really works!

September gets me excited. There's magic in the air, and I love the fall season coming. But it also has me looking at to-do lists a lot more than I have been over the summer. Ahhh....summer. I've found it important to look up.

Well, except for when I am around little people. And then I look down. A lot. But when I look down, I see this:

And that has me feeling pretty up too.

Happy weekend!

{And thanks for all the "BE...." love! I hope to have them in the shop at the end of September as well as a bunch of other new fun things! I'll post more soon...stay tuned!}