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...Through the eyes of Instagram....

1. Signing my book along side "The Toymaker." Both of us have Christmas Books coming out. If you haven't seen her site, it's a must!

2. I spoke on a panel with 3  new kindred spirits: Amy Turnsharp of Little Allouette, Andrea Badgely of Sacred Suds, Liv Lane of Choosing Beauty. Amazing women!

3. The first purchase of A Christmas Goodnight! Kim Christopherson and Kris Thurgood from the DIY DISH of course!

4. My first spotting of my book for sale!

5. Holly Becker from Decor8...lovely, lovey person.

6. So inspired by Christina Ferrare!

Wow. What a week. My first week traveling by myself, without my husband, with out my kids, turned out to be quiet the break I needed.

I was asked to speak at the Creative Connection event in St. Paul, and it was really a week of learning and introspection. I really like speaking. I love having the chance to talk about the things I've learned on this creative journey I've been on, because it actually makes me go and reflect to what I've learned. Without the motivation to speak and help others, sometimes I think it's easy to breeze by and not recognize all the treasures of wisdom I've acquired. A great lesson of learning, for sure!

In attendance, were women from ALL spectrums of creative lifestyles. Designers, seamstresses, crafters, photographers, artists, bloggers, you name it. I think I had to say that I enjoyed the Keynote Speakers the best.

Holly Becker of Decor8, what a darling. She shared her personal story from her girlhood to how she got where she is today, with no shortage of trials, that's for sure. And, her book is GORGEOUS! It sold out fast at TCC! She really is remarkable, and I love her even more now.

Cristina Farrere from Cristina Cooks on the Oprah Network: What a babe! She also shared her personal story from girlhood to where she is today. She too had the kind of hurdles that would shut any "normal" person down forever. But she has fire and faith and a lot of persistance. What a story!

Other keynote speakers, who have amazing products, talent and stories to share a long with it: Kelly Rae Roberts, Leigh Standley, Melody Ross,Susan Branch, Karen Walrond, Becky Higgins, Nora Abousteit, and Stacy Julien.

All these women have climbed their own mountains and faced their own hurdles to get where they are. And most of them created a business FROM the rubble. Even more inspiring!

Here's an illustrated quote that Susan Branch shared at the end of her Keynote, which she shared on her blog:

I mostly took the chance to be introspective, meet other women who are crazy like me (the kind the ALSO don't shower or do laundry for days when trying to meet deadlines) and it was so nice to be in the company of women who's hearts beat with the same pulse. Who go through their challenges, rather than around, and use their creative gifts to answer life's big questions. And they are all helping others a long the way.

It also reinspired me to try new paths, be more fearless with my own creativity and follow my dreams with more fire and haste. To be less swayed by outside opinions, and to create more truthfully.

I was also more determined to let creativity into my life more. Working, networking, and all the business aspects of what I do (not to mention mothering!) take up a lot of my energy.

I've made the pledge to be wake up each morning with Creative Living as my motive. I am sensing in my own self a season of change. A time of new realization and creative growth. And I'm really excited to discover it all!

Thank you to all the lovely new friends I made and the wonderful conversations I had that I will never forget. Why I didn't get more pics of my newly formed friendships is beyone me! But Creative spirits connect. It just happens. Creative Connections. It's a beautiful thing!