What you all are making

I'm starting to get the facebook posts and flickr photos with you sharing all your lovely creations with Children at Play! I'm having so much fun watching you create!

Left Column:

1) On Parade Dress

2) On Parade Pillow

3) Just Stay Little Aqua Blouse

Right Column:

1) Rockets Blue pants

2) Racer Stripe Green pants

3) On Parade, Playing Dolls, Just Stay Little & Dot to Dot outfit

4) On the Go Cream pants

Remember to post your images to the Sarah Jane: Children at Play Flickr Group. It's just getting started! I'd love to post more of what you are creating. I'll make a sidebar button one of these days...haven't figured out how to make one though. It's on the list!

I especially want to see more of your Boy creations. The boy collections were actually the top selling, and I'd love to see what you've created! Have fun!