Want some paper goodness?


So, today while I was browsing around the web, I hopped on to my favorite quilting blog, and found this darling idea of a friend I met at Quilt Market, who used the Children at Play catalog to make some darling sewn cards! What a great idea!

The catalog is super great quality, matte finish cardstock to be specific, eight pages of color images...and if I do say so myself, rather pretty:) My friend Melanie helped me lay them out in really nice, easy to cut out shapes! And while I loved how well it turned out, I never thought of selling them until I've been bombarded with emails asking about it. Well, I have about 250 left over. And I don't really need then any more. And according to Pamela, this catalog is much more useful in your hands than in my garage. Yes?

So, I've added it to my shop at an even $3. Have as many as you want! First come first serve.

Have fun with these!

In the shop here.