More influences from my childhood.

I'm wanting to keep sharing some of the influential books from my childhood, and to do that I can't leave out songbooks!

I grew up with music, books, pictures, and art all around me as a child.  My mother was a passionate picture book lover, and to this day won't let me keep some of my favorites as a child. But this book (probably because she doesn't play the piano any more) is one she did hand down.

The Great Song Book edited by Timothy John and illustrated by the legendary Tomi Ungerer.

Gorgeous art. I think I was 12 before I realized that Bethlehem didn't actually look like that magical snow covered German village. That's how much I believed in these illustration!

I love that this is a song book with the music right there to play for your children. We use this book all the time, and I love teaching them these old forgotten songs.

Do you have books that have been passed down from your childhood? What are you favorites?

**And on the news front, check out this fun award mentioned on Babble. I guess according to their ranks, I'm one of the top 50 ETSY moms this year, placing 2nd in the Artist category! Check it out here.  So flattering as I know there are so many amazing moms on ETSY. Thank you!**