Doodling in color.

I think about color a lot. As an illustrator who takes drawing very seriously, color is something that has always taken second place. As I've grown as an artist, and forged my path for where my art wants to go, I've learned to apply design and color in balance with my drawing, and it's been so enlightening. Rather than thinking of the subject of the piece I'm working on, I've learned to think about color just as early on in the doodle stage. And because of the handy-dandy computer, I can play with color a lot faster and it's not as intimidating when trying to come up with color palettes.

This is a color palette I'm seriously in love with at the moment (well, for the past few months) and I can't get it out of my head. Gorgeous, isn't it?

{Bottom images: here, here and here. Also collectively found here.}