Fresh Start.

I am a new woman!!!!!

Ok, maybe a little dramatic. But, really? I feel like my old self again.

I have mentioned a few times that my old DSLR camera decided it was done. But its untimely death left me with no suitable alternative (we were gifted a point and shoot to get us through...but honetsly...I don't even know how to use those any more!)

So...6 months later, my pennies added up to this.

And I can't tell you how happy I am! I am not a professional photographer by any means. But somehow my camera was like my second pair of eyes. And I didn't even realize it until my first one broke. The past 2 days I've been walking around the house documenting everything. I'm back in business folks.

But even better....what this means for the blog is that I finally can start posting more of the projects I've been working on! Horray! Cause I've been a busy woman and haven't been able to show you what's going on behind this screen.

I have big plans. Just you wait.

P.S. If you are wondering if this is going to turn into a "look how cute my baby is" blog,  don't you worry.  It won't. But come on folks.... Look how cute that baby is! :)