Friday Thoughts.

Is it bad to repost old posts? I don't care. There's no blog police hanging around, right?

I just wanted to repost this, since it is a saying that keeps coming back to me.

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you notice how uptight people can get over the little things? I have. And I have to say, it's easy to let the little things get to you. Like when Ian poured an entire gallon of orange juice all over the kitchen counter, the open (clean) dishwasher and the floor this morning. But you know what? We just ended up laughing. It was a disastrous mess (especially because we have a very, very old kitchen with a lot of cracks and places for things to seep in where they shouldn't) but you know? He was aiming for his cup so confidently. And it was rather sweet, really. It took me literally all day to clean (between getting ready for school, errands and normal life with kids) but who's checking the clock. Ian is trying so hard to be a man, and it's really staring to show:)

So, here's a good thought for you this weekend. You can download it for free here.

And while I am on that, I've thought about illustrating more of my favorite sayings and putting them in the shop. Would you be interested in more?

Happy weekend!