Book review & Giveaway: Pick a Pup

I am so thrilled to be offering a Picture Book Giveaway today!

And a signed picture book at that. Yahoo!

Pick a Pup is brand new on the shelves from Simon & Schuster. A story about a little boy who is desperately trying to pick just the right dog. What kind do you choose? There are so many options! And in the end, the little boy finds just the right one...and how he does is just so charming.

My kids loved this book. A book with every kind of dog in it? A book about a little boy getting to choose any one? Bingo. And the illustrations are so fresh and whimsical. Retro even, which gives this book a real classic feel without being too stingy.

Jed Henry is a name you want to start paying attention to. This is actually his first illustrated picture book. And coming from someone who has illustrated a picture book (me!) that is pretty amazing. He's done such a wonderful job. This spread is my favorite:

He just illustrated a book that came out over Christmas that you may have seen, illustrated for none other than Mike Huckabee. And he has a few others up his sleeve too.

Jed happens to live in my same town, which is a huge bonus because I got him to sign my very own copy that I am giving away. (Don't worry, I bought myself a second one since my children actually started to cry when I told them I was going to give it to some one else). When my kids met Jed, they were so tickled. Have your kids ever had the chance to have one of their books signed by the author or illustrator? There is such a sense of magic when they do. My children get to see the process of book making because they are in the same room with me when I illustrate. But when Jed came over, and they got to meet the "owner" (as my 5 year old calls authors/illustrators) they get all excited. The next day after meeting Jed was full of drawing and writing books of their own at the kitchen table...having just been inspired by a real live illustrator coming to the house.

You want a signed copy? Just leave a comment below.

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Good luck!

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