Random Giveaway: Shabby Apple

I am so thrilled to be offering a random giveaway this weekend. I talk a lot about kid's books, kid's art, kid's decor, raising kids....so I am so happy to be offering something for YOU! Something pretty to make you feel gorgeous.

Have you heard of Shabby Apple? Ok. If you haven't, you will love them. If you have, you know you already love them.

Dresses. How hard is it to find every day dresses? Not just every day, or weekend, but dresses with personality and flair.

I love their new "period" dresses that are their newest line right now. But there's more. So much more!

Shabby Apple approached me about doing a giveaway for my readers, and I was thrilled cause I know most of you (if you are anything like me) could use a new dress. I mean really....who doesn't want wear this?

Or this or this or this?

I can only give away one dress to you (I know...bummer). And in honor of my Audrey Hepburninspired week, I've chosen this one:

The Bonheur Dress.

stunning? Yes. Beckoning warm weather? Yes.

But....if you don't win or if you want to grab a few of your own, you can get 10% off your order when you enter in "SARAHJANE10off"

Here's how you enter:

  • Leave a comment below
  • Make sure to enter in your email where it promts you so that I can send you a note when you win
  • Giveaway ends Monday at 10pm EST
  • Winner will win ONE Bonheur Dress in the size of your choice.
  • Readers can get 10% off all orders through the end of next week.

Please note: The giveaway includes all domestic and international entries, BUT Shabby Apple cannot ship internationally, so the 10% can't apply. But I've offered to personally ship to an international winner, since I love their dresses so much, and I know you will too:)

And if you are a facebook person, here's where you can link up to them to get the inside scoop on updates and special offers.

Have fun! Knock yourself out...it's valentines day!

**Fine Print: This is not a sponsored giveaway. I have not received any compensation or free stuff. I just really love their shop, and they really love you! Bottom line.

And PS: Only 13 Calendars left in the shop! And If you need some printable Valentines cards (on sale!), you can get them here. Happy Weekend!!!