Books You'll Love: Just Being Audrey

I mentioned a while ago that Julia Denos was coming out with a new book, Just Being Audrey. And it was released this week! I was so happy to get my copy in the mail. How sweet to have a picture book about Audrey's childhood, growing up years and beautiful life. She really was such a beautiful person and brought so much joy to the world we live in. I've loved her since my first time seeing "My Fair Lady." And then my next film I think I saw was "Wait Until Dark." Even as a child I was hooked.

Just Being Audrey takes a spin on her life that we often don't think about. We tend to think of Audrey Hepburn as the "je ne sais quois" icon of the 60's that swept our hearts away on her cruiser bicycle wearing Wayfarer sunglasses and her gorgeous smile. But this book takes you into her life deeper than that.  The story takes you to her childhood upbringing during WWII, where her family directly felt the affects of the war. She wanted so badly to be a dancer, but she was too tall, her neck was too long and her body wasn't shaped right. All the things that made her awkward in a leotard were the very things that made her delightful as an actress. The book focuses a great deal on Audrey's "becoming" and how she lived and loved throughout her life.

And of course, the illustrations are just delightful, capturing Audrey Hepburns free heart and whimical character.

You can view the video trailer here: