What's not to love?

Oh dear, oh dear. In a hunt to find some color inspiration this morning, I may have found a possible addiction to another...yet another...Danish shop. This is bad. I'm officially addicted now. Have been for years...and no hope of recovering.

House Doctor: Home decor...nothing in the children's department that I can see yet...but I am loving their color and style: the perfect mix of bright colors against white or casual naturals. My favorite. Old meets new, neutral meets fresh and virbrant. Red meets pink. Yummy.

It's funny...since art and illustration is a natural extension of myself and what interests me, it's no wonder that design of all kinds inspires what I'm thinking about. I can be thinking about book illustration and get completely inspired by the color of a suitcase. Or the feel of a quilt. Or the color in an umbrella. It all meshes together into one big pot called, "eye candy." And today, it's no surprise: a little shop in Denmark.