I spy.

Hey Friends!

How are you? If you're like me, I can't believe January is almost over. Where did it go?

I'm getting ready for ALT Design Summit....so excited. Will I see any of you there?

While I was looking through said color inspiration yesterday, I came across this photo on Decor 8. It was funny;  my inner dialogue went something like this:

"I love this space! So great."

"Oh wait...that's Ishtar's studio (a long time e-friend and blog reader)."

"Oh wait again...there's my THREE BEARS REVISITED print on her desk."

Funny how the internet works. I stopped at the photo just cause I liked the photo, and turns out there's a piece of me in it. It's such an amazing world we live in. I could have never had that experience, say, 15 years ago.

I'll be on twitter during the ALT conference if you want to follow along. I'm going to be speaking on Licensing your designs & Building online sales. If you have questions about any of those topics you'd like discussed, post them here, and I'll try and answer them on Friday Morning during the discussion! Maybe even formulate a blog post on it too.

Hope you're having a wonderful week!

And remember: Calenders are 50% off....and close to gone!