Hello! Happy Friday!

I don't have much to say today, as I'm at the ALT Design Summit (and loving it by the way).

Last night we had dinner with small groups, and today was a full day of learning, meeting up with online friends, and taking lots of notes!

We got to spend the night last night with such wonderful people...old friends and new friends. Being around such creative people who aren't afraid to think outside of the box is really energizing. No two people are a two people have the same path or the same story. Just a love for writing, design, art and communication. What a group.

Here's a shot from last night: Justin Hackworth, Stephanie and Christian Neilson (Nie-Nie) and my awesome boy and me.

I'll post more next week on some highlights! It's a treasure to meet all these people in real life. You think that the online Blogging community is nice? Well, they're even nicer in real life.

Have a great weekend!