Bumps on a quarter.

Fabric. I love it. I love designing it. I knew I would, but I didn't realize how much! It's like illustrating a book, only without words and there aren't any borders on the page. And instead of following a narrative storyline, I'm focusing on a feeling with color and design. So...ok. I guess they are totally different. But it's been so refreshing to learn the ropes. It's addicting! I just can't stop!

This design sketch didn't end up working with my spring line, but it makes me so happy. I called it "special treasures." I was thinking about when I was small, and all the things I'd pick up off the floor that somehow made me so happy to find. Little things. Little things big people forgot about, didn't need, or didn't see. But I did. And they became my special things. A fallen feather, pieces of jewlery, bobby pins (I had an obsession with those when I was 4) and safety pins. All these things had such remarkable textures and colors when you look at them up close. I remember being particularly in love with the little bumps on the side of quarters and dimes. Did you know that Pennies and nickles don't have bumpy sides? Have you ever noticed?  To my 5 year old fingers, clicking the bumpy side of a dime with fingernail made such a wonderful sound. My mom could tell you stories.

So, this is a little ditty I came up with. Maybe I'll have a chance to use it soon...but for now, it makes me happy to just reflect on the way my mind captured the world when I was 2 feet tall, and closer to the ground then big people. Reminds me to notice those little things. Like bumps on a quarter. Which really, doesn't that just brings a smile to your face thinking about it?

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