2011 Caldecott

It's official! The 2011 Caldecott Winner is announced!

I get so excited about this. Since I've completed my own offering to the world of children's books, I KNOW how much goes into these books. I've always been a sucker for a good picture book, and so it's no wonder that my heart literally skipped a beat when the winner was announced! I got this book when it first hit the shelves. It spoke to me immediately. I just love it! So here it is:

A Sick Day for Amos McGee

Oh I am so thrilled!

For a few reasons:

First, I absolutely love her style. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

Second, it's about old people and animals. I love old people. And I love animals. Especially elephants.

Third. Because it's about old people and animals, it's rather sentimental.

Fourth, this is her first (yes...gasp now) picture book she's illustrated!


Synopsis from School Library Journal:

Amos McGee, an elderly man who works at the zoo, finds time each day for five special friends. With empathy and understanding he gives the elephant, tortoise, penguin, rhinoceros, and owl the attention they need. One morning, Amos wakes up with a bad cold and stays home in bed. His friends wait patiently and then leave the zoo to visit him. Their trip mirrors his daily bus ride to the zoo and spans three nearly wordless spreads. Amos, sitting up in bed, clasps his hands in delight when his friends arrive. The elephant plays chess with him, and the tortoise plays hide-and-seek. The penguin keeps Amos's feet warm, while the rhinoceros offers a handkerchief when Amos sneezes. They all share a pot of tea. Then the owl, knowing that Amos is afraid of the dark, reads a bedtime story as the other animals listen. They all sleep in Amos's room the rest of the night.

{images from 36 pages}

I just love this book. It's so sweet, and the illustrations so quiet and tender. My children love it too, and laugh so tenderly at the funny illustrations.

So...go out and grab it before it's medaled, or wait a month and you'll get it with a big gold sticker!

Once again, so inspired. It's such an amazing achievement...and for her first book...I just still can't get over it.

Happy week everyone!!