London is here.

It's here! Finally in the shop!

I have this wall in my house that I am going to fill with each Children Around the World print and I'm just going to collage the frames as I go! I'll keep you updated with how it looks.  Each month there will be a new one to add, and the kids are so excited to build their travel wall!

I wanted to tell you also, that Soule Mama is having a giveaway for the shop this weekend, so make sure to swing by and enter in! There are some great deals going on there too, if you care to look closely:)

You'll also notice that the shop is well stocked right now! You can expect a bit more in the holiday section to come soon, but as it is...things are good to go.

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!


sarahP.S. Don't mind the mess while I am giving the blog a good bit of fall cleaning.