Reposted: Halloween Decorating

This is a repost from last year, but I loved our framed pictures so much, I'm posting it again in case you can use the idea!Happy Halloween Decorating!

Spooky portraits: so fun to make with the kids.

How we made them: On one particularly sick day, we laid around the house making spooky faces in the camera. The kids sat with me at the computer while I made them ready for printing. I had originally thought of framing them in these frames from IKEA, but since we were all too sick to get out, I drew a frame into photoshop inspired from the IKEA one I love, inserted the photos, and printed the whole thing out! Voila. Instant framed decor for Halloween!

**Other ideas if you don't have a printer:

  1. Purchase some mix and match frames from a local thrift store and paint them black
  2. Swap out some already hung frames on your wall, and fill them with spooky faced for just this month
  3. Trace out a simple frame on poster paper and have your children help you paint it black

And since we had more than enough spooky photos of the kids, I printed out the extras, and we had fun coloring in spooky embellishments in marker and pirate eye patches, cat ears and sharp teeth. It's like dress ups without the mess on the floor!

Halloween floral arrangement: Hardly floral! We spray painted some dead branches from outside, adorned with glittered butterflies and black crows (which I did purchase earlier in the month). The spray paint was a hit...and even though the kids just watched me, they wanted to turn everything in the house black after watching the transformation. Good thing we ran out of spray paint!

Bats in the doorway: Oh these took minutes...and cost near to nothing..but they really look great as they hang in our entry way. Something about the silhouette factor. These were made with construction paper and string we had on hand.

If you have any fun links of kid-friendly Halloween fun, do share!

Happy Spooking!