Support Handmade and other ramblings

Thanks all for the lovely comments about the new Children Around the World series...I am just as excited. I'm spreading it out over the year, but only because there are things like books, fabric lines and children to love and feed. You know...details. But I think you'll love it! As I mentioned, LONDON will be first, and I'll be updating the shop by this weekend. I'll keep you posted. By the way, could you see this cute reaction to the very distracting kiss? I've always wanted to do that! You know what happens if he responds back, right? Off with his head! :)

After posting "The Sarah Jane Story: Part 1" I got so many emails from you sharing your encouraged feelings to start or build your creative businesses. I was so inspired by so many of your stories! I have been contemplating this next move for the blog for a very long time now, and feel like this holiday season is the perfect time to support those of you that have creative businesses. I'm going to be adding a "Support Handmade" sponsorship column just over to the left hand side here, and will be offering low cost ad spots for you to feature your creative business. I know how hard it is to get a creative business off the ground, and I'd love to offer my support to you, my readers! Plus, it will give all of us here a chance to buy handmade this Holiday Season. I'm making the Handmade pledge, are you?

If you are interested in being a sponsor, I'd love to hear from you! You can click here for more details.

October is coming soon....and though these aren't new, I am updating the shop with all things festive right now. Remember these? We'll be decorating for Halloween this weekend, and I'm already getting these prints out.

We have some new offers in the shop as well...customization on prints, larger print sizes and folded cards with any design from the shop. Hooray!

And forgive the mess for a while....the blog will be getting some tweaks and facelifts over the next bit. But we're still here and doing fine!

O.K. I'm done rambling....Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!