The delicate balance of art and business.

So I'm going to be on T.V. this Monday morning. I know, pretty crazy. I would normally be really shy and nervous, but I get to speak about a topic that I am super passionate about and one that I hope other women and mother's tuning in will benefit from. I'm going to be on my local news station with 2 other women discussing the realities of starting a business from home, as well as tips to get started. I've been wondering what I'm going to say, and I have some ideas...but I'm looking for more.

Starting my business nearly 3 years ago was a really scary thing. But I was so gung-ho and so driven, those fears never really crept in. I was possibly too naive to know what I was getting into, and maybe that was a good thing! But it's interesting, because when you are a business, you have to start thinking of business-y type things. Things like:  "Will people even buy this stuff?" " How am I going to market myself?" " How am I going to pay for it all?" And pretty soon, all those creative ideas start to get mixed in with very non-creative realities that very often yank those creative juices and throw them to the ground. Thoughts like, "You can't do that! No one has done anything like that before, and it'll get run over." Or, "That would be too costly or take too much time." Or, "Sure you think it's a good idea, but it has to appeal to lots more people than just you!"

Do any of these voice sound familiar? It's interesting: the banter that goes back and forth in my head now that my art isn't just a creative hobby any more. It's my work! And I don't like to call it that, because I really do love it, and it's better to think of it as play, or I get stressed about it.  But let's face it. You love to create! You love getting your hands dirty and just making it is what you do best. And to have a business from that? Heaven. But there is the reality that you are a are ultimately in this to be successful, and you must be concerned about outcome. That is the nature of being self-employed! And if I have learned anything, thinking about outcome always inhibits by ability to create good art. Always. Hands down. But how to purely create without letting the natural worries of being a business creep in, is an art in and of itself.  Allowing yourself to truly express without worry or thought is a lot harder to do when there are people on the other side of the table. But, I also have learned, that it can be incredibly motivating  and can help you open up to that truly creative place.

My answer is Love. Love (the opposite of fear) will wipe away all those business-y concerns that we all have to think about. Love will create your best art. Love will inspire you to create from that genius place. Love will keep you going when times are hard and your aren't having the successes you need. Love will bring other people to you who will love what you do too.

Love, Love, Love. I hear a song coming:)

But isn't it true? We must "lose the fear of being wrong" and only then will we be truly successful because our work will be wonderful and beautiful and real.

So, I would love to know your thoughts. I am going to be giving some advice about starting an at-home business and also the realities of life as a stay-at-home-mom business owner. I hope to be taking the spin of how to keep that creative spirit alive when you are juggling all the aspects of starting a business.

What advice do you have about balancing the creative side and the business side of things? Does having a business interfere with your natural instinct to just create and not care what other people think? And if you don't have a hobby based business, what questions do you have about how to get started or what to be aware of when you do get started?

Thanks you guys! I can't wait to hear your responses. I have a feeling there is a lot to be said on this topic.