Happy Site Friday

Some eye candy for your weekend.

I've been loving these pillows for a while. Don't they make you happy?

I love smart people. How awesome is this lego paper cutter? Paper and lego's mixed. Now you can craft with your lego lovin' kids. Endless possibilities. (Sorry, the link is to a Japanese site. Anyone know if you can get these in the USA?)

I am basically in love with this print. Found here and here.

Fall colors are my favorite. And this outdoors craft idea via Bloessom kids is charming!

And another brilliant craft idea with instructions here. Theses are cardboard horses on stampede. Stunning art!

Happy weekend everyone! Thanks so much for your comments on my art vs. business post. Such great thoughts from you guys! I love it.

And thanks for your well wishes about the T.V. spot. I've been so busy I don't think I'll have time to be nervous! I'll let you know how to watch it as soon as I get the info.


sarah jane