Our little house.

Oh gee...I'm still here. Yes, I am alive. Feeling like I fell off the internet planet for a bit...and for good reason:

We bought a house.

Ya, only a small purchase with minimal amount of stress. Oh boy...We have been house hunting for wow...over a year now?  I know this is confusing for some who follow this blog closely....we almost bought a house over Christmas, but it fell through when a higher bid came in unexpectedly at literally the very last second. But, we're relieved now because we have finally found a place to put our family! And we love it! We've actually been in total transition for over a year, and trying to move to a more permanent location for 3 years. I will still be pinching myself until it closes in 2 weeks...but it's basically a done deal.  It's a fixer-upper with a lot of work to be done, but we are up for the task.  We fell in love with location (up in the mountains) and the charm and potential of the home is so appealing to us.  We are firm believers in the "teach your kids to paint the fence" kind of upbringing, and this is definitely one of those homes! In this case, even the fence needs to be rebuilt...along with many other things....and I have visions of working on the house together as a family over the years. The mild amount of chaos that a fixer-upper brings only compliments the artistic lifestyle we crave, and I am just aching to get in there and paint and make it a magical place.

And no...we will not be keeping the avocado green. I love avocados with a passion...just not in my stairwell.

Who knows...this blog might start turning into a "before and after" blog.  You'll at least get to see the studio...which won't be presentable for a while I am sure.

So, is this a good enough excuse for being silent for 10 days? Wow. These are really big decisions, and frankly...it's been all consuming. In a good way. It's just a house, but it's going to be our home, which requires a lot of thought, prayer and patience!

I'll keep you posted! The idea of finally making a home the way I want it, and not waiting move again (this will be our 6th move in 9 years) is giving me such a sense of artistic freedom to make a real home for ourselves. I can't wait!