My kinda irresistable.

Can you get any cuter than this?

Nope. Sorry. She's the top of my can't-handle-it-any-more-she's-so-cute meter. In fact, she broke the meter.

She is my happy baby, and I couldn't be more lucky to have a baby with such an easy temperment with all that is going on right now...she just kinda rolls with the punches.  Rolls being the key word.  I hear the 3rd baby is like that. She has no choice, I guess. Life is such right now that "crazy" becomes her "normal."

She's making it really hard for me to get off the floor/couch/bed and do something productive like....oh....housework or packing.  Smooching her is about all I do around here (Well...besides illustrating the book, mothering 3 kids and trying to move in a couple weeks).  Ella is a pretty good distraction.  And I don't really mind!

Happy Tuesday!

Oh, and thanks for all your congratulations on the house! This is really such a big deal for us since we have been living out of boxes it seems like for so long. We finally feel like we are "settling" here in Utah, not just temporary residents. It's a good feeling.