Print your own Valentine's cards.

Wow. February. When did that happen?

Month of love. For's a month of lots going on: more house hunting (yep...still in the game) book making (loving every second) and baby loving (she is the most kissable thing!)

So, news:

New Print Your Own Valentine Cards in the shop!

Valentines cards you can print yourself. Yep. DIY with some of my favorite designs in the shop. Do you remember this post from last year? Here is an image I found last year that inspired me.

These are Audrey Hepburn inspired: the deer loving darling via 1958. Audrey as a little girl. I really love that woman.

You can also find these to print yourself. Fun. Fun. Fun.

OK: so, come over to the shop and do some last minute valentines shopping! If you are like me, you don't have Valentines Cards yet, and PDF downloads are your only hope!

You can print out as many as you want! Perfect for your kid's classes and neighbors!

I know that's what I will be using! Well, for the boys we'll use something more like this. I love having stationery on's nice for procrastinators like me:)