My mothering day.

This month is so sentimental to me: It's a month full of birthdays. The birthday of my two Irish twins (Yep...12 months apart, baby!) and my Mothering Birthday. I had never really ever thought of it this way: my eldest daughter's birthday is really my day too: the day I became a Mom. And this month it'll be 5 years of mothering. Wow. FIVE. Sometimes it seems like a lot, and other days....I it is just the beginning.

5 years ago:

I was in the middle of my first birth.

I held my first baby.

I felt her soft scalp and understood why they call newborn's hair "velvet"

I found my true calling.

I cried my first tears of joy after a long wait of trying to conceive.

I became amazed at how natural it felt to care for and be responsible for this fresh new soul straight from Heaven.

I felt more heroic then ever before: I gave birth!! My body is incredible and made to do that!

I learned what all parents say they are amazed with: the instant love you have for your child

I gained a love for my husband I'd never known.

I learned a new meaning of 'tired'

It was the beginning of life as I know it. And I love it.

(And I have to comment on this photo walking towards the door: How did I open my own door in those days? Mother's of twins and Irish twins can appreciate those kinds of minor details!)

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