Conversations on book art making.

So, Day 8 into the new year, and I have managed to draw every day. What is so hard though, is that the art that I am working on (my first picture book CHRISTMAS GOODNIGHT with Harper Collins Publishers) really can't be shared. It's just the way it is! But I can share the models that I use, right? It sure is nice to have live models for Baby Jesus, and others. If only they'd sit still a minute!

But I will say, that most of the art I have done so far won't ever be used. It really is an amazing process. In book art making, you never get what you want on the first try!

It's like how I finally get to the point when I am trying to tell my husband why I am upset about something: It takes a lot of talking about every which thing before it finally comes out! (Come on...You know it's like's amazing how much has to come out of your mouth before you say what you really need to say!)

Well, same with art making. Or at least my art making! I have sketch books full of stuff that just doesn't work. Or is completely random and has nothing to do with the book I am working on, but just happened to come out while I was working (like those conversations, you know?) But it all ends up being necessary to get what I am ultimately working towards.

It's really amazing to see how illustration births itself. It's the coolest thing ever. I love it!

I plan on having the book art done by May, and then comes the just as long production work. So cool. I get to work on Christmas all year:)