Happy site Friday: remember the milk.

Over the Christmas break, I made sure to pick the brain of my extra-efficient-super-techie-really-organized-oober-up-on-the-latest-everything-brother and asked him his favorite form of keeping track of all his tasks. I knew I'd love it as soon as he told me what he uses:

"Remember the Milk."

"What? no really...what program do you use?"

"Remember the milk!"

That is so my life. I mean, Forgetting the milk!

I knew I could totally trust my brother since he is also all about SIMPLE and cutting back on all the extra stuff when it comes to trying to stay organized.

It is an online simple task list, which I love since I am all about the old fashioned paper and pen task making. It's been a week, but I AM IN LOVE! It is so simple, and acts just as you need it to...you can easily categorize, customize, etc. It can even show up as a side bar to your gmail account, which acts as a perfect place to dump more tasks in after going through your email. genius. I love smart people who come up with these things! Best part, you can also access without the Internet! My life has been SO much more manageable this past week! And I just love that I don't feel like I have to be all organized to be organized...you know what I am talking about. Those task programs that require you to think like an organized person to be organized? Ya. Not for me. I never thought a cow could be so helpful.

So, just passing a long another happy site this Friday! Happy weekend, and happy list making!