We're back!

Well, that was a long break! I didn't really intend to stay away that long...it just sorta happened! I noticed however, that most of the blogging world took a good long break over the holidays so I am not feelin' so bad. Something happens when I am on vacation...I go on VACATION! I have always been blessed to just relax when I need to, and in this case, staying away from the internet was my version of relaxing:)

We had a magical Christmas with my parents! I hope you had a splendid holiday too! 2 weeks of catching up with each other, snugging in pj's, cooking, eating, playing, site-seeing, and movies.  The perfect relief after a big move!

Well, we are back now, with more to think about than we left with, namely: warped hardwood floors in our previous place from internal water damage that we haven't closed on completely, frozen pipes in our new place requiring Kenneth and I to be up till midnight with blow dryers to the water pipes and boiling water down the tub (it was -9 degrees last night!), the flu and cold bug keeping my kids hot with fevers and up in the night like newborns, a house full of boxes and life to jump back into! Whew! Welcome home!

But despite the warm welcome home, we are so happy to be home and together! Staying up with hot babies is quite a wack at my pregnant body which needs sleep, but it also lets me snuggle them all night which I know will only last a few more years! There is nothing like being a mom. The hard and the wonderful are often disguised as the same thing!

Well, that was a longer "I'm Back!" than I was intending, but I mostly just care at making sense at this point (3 hours of sleep does wonders for your mental cohesiveness!).

Hope you are all well, and THANK YOU THANK YOU for your sweet congratulations on the pregnancy! You are all so thoughtful!It was so wonderful to read all of your comments!

Have a great week and come back over! I am back to regular blogging! Stay tuned for artsy news coming soon!


sarah jane