Romance, Romance.

The month of the romantics is coming soon, and I guess the most romantic issue of Romantic Homes couldn't wait...since the February issue is already out on the shelves. I was THRILLED to see that they included my "This Much" card as a valentine favorite! I have been so excited to wrap up these cards and send them to new places and to new customers. No worries though...I have plenty! This is the first time any of my products have been featured in a magazine, and I couldn't be more tickled! As much as I handle and see my work everyday, there is something about seeing it in a magazine that makes me tilt my head to the side and say, "Did I create that?" It is something like a double-take or deja-vous. Kinda surreal.

But thank you Romantic Homes for your generous feature! February is coming fast, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I have grand intentions of getting some more sweet valentines into the shop...let's hope this week fares better than last (our house has been quite the sick house!!). My hand is itching with new ideas....