Newest,um, Prints!

Hello Hello!

These prints have been folded up and hiding in my pocket for a while now. I am planning on putting them up for my grand restocking of the shop coming soon. Again, different than the vintage children you are seeing a lot more of lately, but these little bunnies go so well with my vintage-y, French-y animals. They have been needing some more friends, and these two were happy to oblige. They just look so snuggable, and I just wish they weren't so two dimensional so I could just reach out and squeeze them! This set was really fun, because you can't tell from far away, but the bunnies were actually hand painted. Most of my coloring is all digital (which was a conscious choice with having babies around). It was really fun to get the paints out again.

Just wanted to pop in an also say thanks for all the kind words about the magazine article, and the new Asian theme going. You make me blush! In the mean time...back to the studio to finish up some more fun stuff! C-ya around!


sarah jane