Journeying East.

We're just rollin here in the studio. I am constantly entertained by my never-ending stream of artistic ideas, but it does pose a challenge when I don't have the time to do anything about it. Well, I am in marathon mode, and I can't wait to show you more and more.

I have been aching to create more Asian inspired prints for a while. First of all, I am convinced that there needs to be more diversity in the children portrayed in Western art and decor, and second, I just love Eastern cultures. It all started with my great-grandparents serving a mission for our church in the early 1920's to Japan, and falling so in love with the culture, that when they took the ship back to America, they never made it past Hawaii and decided to stay. Hawaii was the perfect blend of East meets West, and my family has been there ever since. I have never been East of Hawaii, and someday I will make it there. But I have a deep love for Eastern philosophy, food, people, etc. My Grandmother and mother instilled in me a love of the Japanese and Chinese cultures specifically, and I am determined to make it there in some future day. In the mean time, I am sharing with you some new art that has a new fresh flair. This piece is called Grace, a common meaning for the word butterfly (grace as in beauty or youth). The characters on the print are Japanese for Butterfly. Enjoy!

I have quite a few pieces waiting to go in the shop all at once, so stay tuned for the grand opening!