Happy Site Friday.

OK folks. I am a little behind today. Well, I am behind on a lot of things. Note to self: Most things go on hold when getting ready for a show.

So, now that I am behind and feeling that pile to the left of my keyboard getting higher and higher (my "do it soon" stash) I find this article particularly helpful today.

So, without much ado: READ THIS and you will be ready to be clean and enjoy spring.
Hint: if you are needing a little more emotional freedom from clutter, this is for you.
(Brought to you by Apartment Therapy).

And when you are done reading this, go clean a corner, then get out and smell the flowers. Happy Mother's Day everyone!!

OH, and remember: All clearence items in the shop are gone after tonight. Yep. A shop has to be clean and neat too! And....all UTAHN's! Get over to the Beehive Bazzaar and Oh Sweet Sadie. You will be blown away.