Ariadne and Sarah at home.

I love this blogging world. Being a young mom with young kids, I don't travel much anymore and I don't get out as much as I used to. Those are the two negatives about being a mom. The only two. (Well, the wider hips aren't my favorite either).

Blogging has changed all that for me. (Well, not the hips part).

Remember a few "Happy site Friday's" ago when I posted about Ariadne at home? I went as far to mention how I would do anything to get a hold of their magazine (they don't ship to the US). Well, my new dear pen pal Tania immediately emailed me to share that because she lives in Belgium, she could get a copy on her way home from work. And let me just tell you....I have made a new best friend. TWO new best friends. Tania....and Aridne.

I just got my hands on the Children's edition, and I am still pouring over it ( I have had it for a week now). The colors, freshness, hand-made-ness, the scandinavian modern meets traditional, etc. etc. etc. I AM IN LOVE!

Somehow, getting a style magazine from Belgium (and knowing that there probably aren't that many people in the US that have this sitting on their coffee table) has just made my month. I have always had travel in my blood, and thanks to my new blogging friend, my need to be overseas has been satisfied (at least for now:)

Thank you Tania!!! You might also want to visit her new ETSY store...she is super talented! I have some of her handmade children's accessories, and they are DARLING!!