Our newest additions to the family.

Well I finished the shows...sold a bit, traveled a bit, didn't sleep a bit...but traded a bit! I love trades, and I think I may have just landed on my BEST trade ever.

Let me give you some back story:

Santa brought Addie and Ian Bla Bla dolls for Christmas. I LOVE these dolls, and didn't know how Addie and Ian would respond to them (no batteries, blinking lights or frills here!) and was SO pleased when on Christmas morning they became adopted as their new best friends. They named their dolls "Sheesha" and "Monkey Friend." Sheesha and Monkey Friend have been nearly adoptive children in our family ever since. Addie and Ian do everything with them. But, selfishness gets the best of all of us, and more often than not Addie and Ian would fight over who got to play with both of them at the same time. Addie insisted that Sheesha needed a dance partner and best friend. Ian doesn't take rejection well.

Well, my problem was solved last night when at the Beehive Bazaar I ran into Susan from Persimmon and Pink who makes these INCREDIBLE stuffed animals. I was so excited when she wanted to trade 2 prints for two dolls...and let me tell you. These are AMAZING!! The fabric is to die for and the quality...just great.

These two cats have now been with us for 12 hours, and now instead of 2 adopted children, we have 4. They came to church with us, had breakfast with us, laid out in the sun with us, read stories with us, and even came close to getting in the bath. Mostly the kids are just excited that Sheesha and Monkey Friend aren't friendless any more. We immediately asked what their names were, and they came up with "Happy" and "Flower". Let me just say it is the cutest thing in the world to see your two year old son prancing around the room with his Japanese fabric cat rhythmically chanting "Happy Happy Happy Happy!"

Welcome to the family! Left to Right: Flower and Sheesha, Monkey Friend and Happy.

And Susan, if you are reading this...Please oh Please open an ETSY shop soon. Her shop Persimmon and Pink is just getting started, but you can see more darling stuff here on her blog. But I hope other kids will be making new friends like these this summer!

Stay tuned for more Sheesha and Flower, Happy and Monkey Friend adventures...