She can even make Ugly beautiful.

OK. I have to admit that I do the dumbest things as a mom. I hope I am not the only one here who hits her forehead daily and says "Dumb! That was really dumb!" Like when you give your child crayons to play with so you can finish that phone call, or when you leave them unattended with play dough, or when you give them ice cream cones in their car seats just to avoid getting in an accident during rush hour.

Well, this was worse.

I missed my daughters dance class pictures. I got her all excited about dressing up in her new costume, wearing makeup and practicing how to not "fake smile" for the camera. 20 minutes before class, I got a phone call from a mom. "Oh we missed Addie on Saturday for picture day." My heart SANK!!! How could I be so dumb!!! Addie started to get worried at my tone, so I quickly hung up and told her that we were ready for her glamour portraits in the living room. I played photographer, and she was SO proud. I was SO glad that she is only 3 and didn't know what to expect, and that she can still believe that her mother is the REAL photographer.

To be honest, I was dreading picture day with her in this bright orange, black and copper fruffy dress. I mean, BLAH!! Who comes up with these costumes?!?(This is for a Lion King I guess orange=lion.) But even still, she is gorgeous. These pictures will always remind me of my absent minded brain. But even more, they will remind me that Perfection isn't always lost when dressed up in a bunch of ugly. She makes this dress look stunning. Only she. Only Addie. Unaffected by the yucky. And seemingly unaffected by her mother's dumb mistakes. Oh she is perfect. Thanks Addie.
(and for my utter distaste for those 80's glamour shots, I just had to throw this in:)