Addie age 1

"And above all watch, with glittering eyes the whole
world around you because the greatest secrets are
always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those
who don't believe in magic will never find it.
~ Roald Dahl ~

Addie age 3

This week I learned from my children that:

  • Your shadow is your best friend because it is always with you
  • Monsters live in trees but they are scared of daddy's
  • Sunshine is meant to be felt with just your skin on (even when it is 40 degrees outside)
  • Flowers are for giving to people (especially the cashier at Target)
  • Dirt is for toes
  • One piece of broccoli is a tree. Two pieces of broccoli is a dark forest.
  • Igloos can be made from an end table and blankets
  • Tree stumps are for sitting on when you are sad.
  • Big stretches of green grass are for taking a "belax"
  • Trees are for hugging.
  • Butterflies have mommies too.
  • Nail polish and chapstick makes you a princess.

And so I add to that beautiful quote:

Watch with glittering eyes your children and you will see the whole world as it really is. And you may even end up believing in magic.

Happy Monday everyone!