Happy Site Friday.

I am so eager to share this site with you all. This site is #1 reason I got my start on ETSY this past October. I stumbled upon a meeting in my town in September 2007, and found out about this GREAT organization. Startup Princess empowers women to begin their dreams of starting a business. Their Motto? " Make a wish, make it happen." They provide "Fairy Godmothers" (mentors) to steer you in the right direction whether you are just starting , or a seasoned professional looking for more information and advice. And lucky for all of us, they have a website where you can access articles, podcasts, and all sorts of networking information. From becoming part of Startup princess, I have been so fortunate to meet some remarkable people in my field. Kelly King Anderson...the founder of Startup Princess...is an AMAZING networker and has introduced me to wonderful talents like Jaime Lentzer of Jaime painting and design, and Shelly Kennedy of Drooz studios. Women are the best networkers, aren't they? And Kelly has counted on the unique qualities of women to create this great site and resource for anyone in the startup of a business. She also posted an interview about me yesterday that is now on the site. She outlined a bit of my startup venture and is a little too kind. But I hope someday to really be able to help other women (mom's especially) to live their dreams of starting up some kind of venture. Check out this site! It is a GREAT resource!