Happy Site Friday.

Today I am featuring sites to find GREAT KIDS MUSIC.
What music do you AND your kids love: That is the question.
(it's your house...you should love it too!)

I could list hundreds of songs: but this is a short list of what my kids are loving right now.
Disclaimer: Itunes links weren't working, so most links are youtube...some videos are dumb. Links were chosen for music not video:)

The Real Old Stuff:
Some of the vintage classics are on itunes, but you can also get CD's at the library. I thought my kids wouldn't like the sound quality or how out of date these are. Quite the opposite! This genre deserves a whole blog post by itself,but here are two of their favorites:

Whose afraid of the big bad woolf?
Vintage record version
Popeye the sailor man
My kids fall over in histerics over popeye's laugh
The worry Song:
Gene Kelly and Jerry mouse dancing from the movie "Anchors Away." LOVE Gene Kelly.
Here is the video: Your kids will LOVE this!!! (Have I said 'love' enough?)

Ok, so not that old at all. But a staple in our home. Check out the album from the first season, as well as this FAVORITE video. I just can't ever get enough.

The Littlest Bird: three good tanyas
Don't you love this group? And to have a song about/for children...even better.

James Taylor:
You just can't go wrong. His music will put your kids to sleep, but also get them dancing. So easy to listen to!
Sweet Baby James: James Taylor
How sweet it is: James Taylor

Jack Johnson:
You can't go wrong. My kids love ALL of his albums. these are favorites:
Upside Down
3R's: Reduce resuse recycle
Better together
Banana Pancakes

Peter and the wolf
Perfect to play make believe and act out the story. This link has the narration.
The most relaxing classical music in the world ever
Perfect for getting them calmed down before bedtime, or provide ambiance

Ok, so some of you will say no to this, but his music is so great for kids. soothing voice, songs from every culture, the most "kid song-ish" I will go.
Baby Beluga
Baa Baa black sheep

My new favorite artist: Asheba
No more monkeys
If you only listen to one song on this post, listen to this. Kids classics with a Jamaican rhythm. This song gave me a library fine (my kids listen to it everyday!!)

The lion sleeps tonight
Best authentic rendition I have come across. Remember Graceland by Paul Simon? This is THAT South African group. My kids love the african vibe, and love acting this out.

Paul Simon:
Speaking of him, anything Paul Simon is a good choice.
I know what I know: zimbabwe performance
Father and Daughter: This is Addie and Kenneth's Signature song

My new favorite CD that has the two songs above, plus more that I can't find right now: Putumayo
World music for kids! I love it! My kids don't realize that they are learning other languages!

Other great music:
Anything Tracy Chapman
King singers Kid's Stuff (anyone know where to buy this? It is out of stock on Amazon)
Martha Stewart Kids: Playtime
Michael Buble: Everything
...etc etc etc...

EDIT: I just received a comment with a link to this site. An ENTIRE blog dedicated to children's music! Yahoo! Hear it, love it share it.

OK: so this was a lot longer than I originally planned it to be. But now it is open to you:

What music to you AND your kids love??? Please share!

I will try and put together a compilation we can all access.