Recipe: How to make the most of a rainy day

1. Mix two of mom's best sheets tied with string and hair clips (for optimum tent making).

2. Add 6 or 7 batches of bristol blocks. (We prefer 7)

3. Quickly add in one hand written book (or a rewritten book of a perfectly good one.) Must have lots of glue pasted every where, scotch tape plastered to the pages and must have lots of crayon. Take out crayon from little mouths as necessary.

4)Stir well with every whisk in the kitchen. A toy dinosaur tail works too.

5) Add a few kisses and tickles and hugs and soon, it isn't so rainy and cold anymore.

Enjoy inside mommy's nice warm bed and have fun making a mess of it. You can always make it up later. Or just leave the bed messy for the next rainy day.