Happy Site Friday.

Do you have the itching urge to buy more children's books all the time? As you pass the Barnes +Noble? As you surf the good ol' money hogging internet? After a good trip to the library? I do.

Well, I am a sucker for good picture books (no!) and I have always been bugged on Amazon when you can't search inside and see if it is any good!

Well, look no longer. Here is the perfect solution. Looky-Look is a website with the ENTIRE children's book for you to read. Yes. Page by page. You can even buy from their site directly once you have fallen in love with a new read. Brilliant.

Because the entire site is in flash, I have no pictures. (Even better to know the site is protected against the copy-and-steal kinda people).

But because I cannot leave you with a picture, I will leave you with this. An experiment I will let sit here so I can gaze at it every once in a while and decide if I like or not. Hmmm. It may take the weekend to ponder upon this one.

Which reminds me...Happy weekend! Happy reading! Happy Friday!