7 things you really didn't want to know about me:

Ok..tagged again. Thanks Jaime and Vanna for letting me delve into my random/quircky side:

1) I get car sick if I am in the back seat

2) My first CD I ever owned was Basia: Time + Tide (Don't watch the video...it's dumb. Just listen to the song) I was 9 years old.

3) I cut my own bangs when I was 9. I have (had, I should say) really curly hair. But being a product of the 80's I wanted those stiff "fly catcher" bangs. So, I cut them on a diagonal, sprayed straight up and walked out the door to school thinking my own mother wouldn't notice. Um, ya. Dumb. About both: cutting my own hair, and thinking I had an unobservant mother.

4) I was accepted to the University of Maryland on an acting scholarship, but declined. (Good thing, since I met my husband on the first day of my freshman year at the school of my choice.)

5) I hate anything with malt or malt flavor.

6) I spent my middle childhood years living on Winslow Road in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

7) The first day I met my later-to-be mother in law, I stabbed her in the elbow with a kitchen knife. (short story: we were putting dishes away together...but it was a rather dramatic and embarrassing moment).

There you have it. I can't think of anyone to tag right now...so maybe I will be back later. I never was a "game" person.

Gotta get back to drawing....