Shop Update

Be back soon!

Well, I am closing my doors to the shop for a few days to catch my breath. I am learning that balance requires constant reassessing and reorganizing, and spring has brought in new reasons for both. I will be taking a vacation from the good ol' US Postal Service, and will be focussing my attentions on some new art work...for the shop and some other projects I am currently working on.

UPDATE: All items will be shipped out on April 18th.

I see artists all around me who seem to just "do it all." But then I realize:
They aren't changing diapers at 6:30 am.
Or playing dress-ups at 7:30am.
Or cleaning crayon off the walls at 8am.
Or feeding breakfast to two hungry toddlers at 8:30am.
Or going on library trips at 10 am.
Or doing 15 bajillion loads of laundry at 1 pm.
Or scrubbing bathrooms at 2 pm.
Or building wooden block villages at 3 pm.
Or going to the park at 4 pm.
Or making dinner at 5 pm and drawing a bath at 6 pm with kids in bed at 7pm.

Really and truthfully, I am up at 5 am to start my day just so I can get some "ME" time. Right now, naptime isn't enough time for 'catch up.' And with a To-Do list building (the good kind of "to-do"...the kind I want to get done) but not enough time in the day to do it, I am forced to take somethings off my list. My children will never be one of them. SO....I am taking "print-wrap-ship" from my list for the next few days. Ahhhhh. That feels really good to say.

I am not out of town, so if any of you NEED anything to be shipped before the 18th of April, please contact me. I am here, and am sensitive to birthdays and deadlines on your part. But all other orders will ship out on the 18th of April.

I will still be blogging a bit. But my packaging materials will be gathering dust for 10 days.

Now that I won't be licking stamps for a few days....let the creativity flow!


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