Tangles, Toddlers and Two new stores

Isn't he just so darling? Yes, but oh so clever!

So Ian wakes up from his nap today with a great big YELP! and then quietly seems to rest back to sleep...or so I thought. I was in the middle of you know...all those things that Mommies do during nap time, and hoping for a little more time, accepted the fact that he was just having a dream. Well, optimism wore off when I walked in to see Ian IN HIS CRIB but with our room looking like this.

Yes, he had climbed out of his crib, rolled around in the bed, went searching for bears in the trees outside our window and became so excited that not only did the covers get scrambled but the blinds broke too. I wonder if he found any bears. (I did!!) So what he did isn't really that earth-shattering...I mean really, there isn't anything else to do in our room. What makes him the CLEVER boy, is that after making all this mess, he must have remembered that he wasn't allowed to climb out of his crib, so he crawled back inside which is where I found him after I heard him say...oh so politely..."AWAKE!"

And then Darling-dainty-ready-for-the-runway-Addie has the habit of ROCKING (no I mean really rocking...like she WHIPS her body back and forth as though I were still bouncing her up and down the hallway from her severe colicky days) and so her hair becomes this wild tangled seaweed every time she takes a long time to fall asleep (which has been every night now that Addie and Ian are sleeping in the same room now). Wow. Sorry grammer freaks. Run-on sentence. But really, you can't tell from this picture...but Little Miss has DREADLOCKS underneath those loose curls that (I have timed it) take 25 minutes to get out in the bath after only one night of tossing around.

But with my mischief making son, and my wild haired daughter we still manage to get things done here in the studio. Like starting wholesale! I have two online shops with my artwork ready to order...and not just any online shops. These are GREAT! I encourage you to look around (if you haven't seen these stores already). All incredibly great for kids and all very unique. Warm Biscuit has been a favorite of mine ever since my nursing days when I would nurse and read catalogs...theirs being a favorite. Simply a boy is new to me, but oh so great! With all the GIRL stuff out there, it's about time there was a place just for those boys! And there are more coming soon!

I love the children's industry! I love that I get to be a kid and a grown up all at the same time. Best of both worlds. Hey...I never even have to make my bed! (Ian does it for me:)