Searching for the right frame is like searching for just the right prom dress. I hated formals for that very reason! After one day of shopping with nothing to show for it, I would usually just give up and try and think of a creative solution (like the time I borrowed my best friends formal just so I didn't have to face the mall mob one more time).

Well, there is no borrowing here folks. These frames have been in the works for months now, and well, I think that they turned out just great. I am debating whether I will sell them on my ETSY site. For now, they are for the companies I will sell wholesale to. I have 8x8, 8x10, and 11x14. Just right for the prints in the shop. Thank goodness I have an uncle with an empty unfinished basement!

And speaking of "framed" Kenneth and I have FINALLY managed to get Addie and Ian in the same room! With a daughter whose method for getting to sleep is singing, talking, moaning and rocking her crib very loudly, we have had reason to hesitate. But sharing a studio with a sleeping baby boy has proven to be even harder, so we decided to go for it.

How have they fared?

Well, let's just say they haven't been sleeping much. The first night went like this: crying for mommy, followed by random animals sounds, laughter, more animal sounds, more laughter, then addie saying, "Ian, we're best friends. Let 's talk". An hour later, they were still laughing and talking. I have never been happier about them staying up late. It is the sweetest thing when you see your children enjoying eachother's company. Especially when Addie has decided to sing Ian lullabies at night. She sings "Twinkle Twinkle little star" and he just curls up in a ball in his crib. I think that they have only been loving each other more now that they share a room. Happy babies, happy mommy! And now that I have a studio to myself, I can get crackin' on selling more framed artwork! Horray all around!