Happy Site Friday.

I may have mentioned this blog before. In fact I am sure I have. It is also on the left hand side under "My Daily Reads."

I don't read many blogs...i browse through my friends and my favorites every once in a while...but ZEN HABITS has me hooked.

I am a mom. I am a wife. I am a cook. I am a housekeeper. I am an artist. I am a business owner. I am an assistant dance teacher (ok...I keep Addie's 3 year old dance class under control). I am a voice teacher. Bus driver (to Addie and Ian). I am a bill payer. I am a woman who loves time to myself. (when?)

Do you relate? Sure. Every woman I know has to be a master juggler. And ZEN HABITS (though written by a man) is starting to help me get the picture. Each day of the week is designated to a different topic (finance, organization, family, simplicity, health) and he writes about it.

He has 7 children, is a writer (meaning...there is right brain in him like me) and he believes in living minimalistically. It is beyond me, but I DESIRE to believe I can do the same (not the 7 kids part!!)

But keeping two kids, a studio, a happy husband and laundry all from flying out the window in complete chaos is a real art! I go through phases. Right now, I am needing to get back into the phase.

I need to have a picture in each of my posts ( I am a visual person...no. Really?) And so I leave you with a picture of me and my kids 2 days after Ian came home from the hospital. Remember now, that Addie and Ian are 12 months apart...so Addie, bless her, was still just a baby!

If any of you have any inspirations you find to keeping the balance, please share. It is always good to get good simple ideas!

But for right now, this site is making for a Happy Friday.